Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

In accord with the motto of IFTK Ledalero, the institute that publishes this journal, “Diligite Lumen Sapientiae” (“Love Light & Truth”), Jurnal Ledalero: Wacana Iman dan Kebudayaan (Discourse on Faith and Culture) is dedicated to publishing quality articles intended to assis its readers to love light and truth. Via the published articles, this journal endeavours to enlighten, to sharpen the minds, and to broaden the way of thinking of its readers.

Jurnal Ledalero: Wacana Iman dan Kebudayaan (Discourse on Faith and Culture) encourages researchers, academics, professionals, practitioners, and students to submit articles which ae the fruit of their research and critical analysis in the fields of philosophy, theology, and the social sciences, such as cultural studies, sociology, politics, psychology, language, anthropology and art.


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

This text will  be read by an editorial board. The process of reviewing will follow a double blind view system. Texts evaluated by the editorial team which do not meet the criteria of  Jurnal Ledalero are rejected without being reviewed by an external body. A text considered to be of good quality will be sent to a reviewer who has competence in the relevant area. The editors then will make a decision, based upon the recommendation of the reviewer, whether to reject, to recommend certain revisions be made, or to accept it.

  • Reviewer receives double-blind review manuscript (anonymous author) from section editor or secretariat. If it is not suitable with his competencies, the reviewer is entitled to refuse the manuscript and recommend it to the other more competent reviewers.
  • One reviewer reviews at least a manuscript and a manuscript at least reviewed by one reviewer.
  • Reviewer reviews script from the aspects of quality and substance writing (not grammatical script), which includes the novelty, originality, usability, also validity citations and bibliography.


Publication Frequency

JURNAL LEDALERO is published online twice a year (semi annual) in the middle of the year (June) and in the end of the year (December), each publication issue consist of five articles at least.


Open Access Policy

Access rights of entire publication content of this journal are open access for noncommercial purposes [see copyright provisions].

JURNAL LEDALERO: WACANA IMAN DAN KEBUDAYAAN | Discourse on Faith and Culture under license of  Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-no derivation 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). The scope of this license permits is under http://ejurnal.stfkledalero.ac.id


Reviewer/Editor Join

  • Reviewer/editor candidates should have interest and passion for improving the quality of the journals and have competence in accordance with the scope of journalism.
  • Reviewer/editor candidates contact the secretariat to be registered in journal's site. In this case, the reviewer candidates must fill out a Form Call For Reviewer and editor candidates fill out a Form Call For Editor as user data on the journal site. As the evidence of papers and their competence, reviewer/editor candidates should provide a link or URL address of scientific sites, such as GoogleScholar, ResearchGate, Orcid, Scopus, and so forth.
  • For reviewer performance evaluations, Editor In Chief with the editor team will evaluate regularly (at least 1 year) using a Manuscript Review Checklist Form.


Publication Ethics

This is a declaration of the publication ethics of Jurnal Ledalero: Wacana Iman dan Kebudayaan (Discourse on Faith and Culutere), which is published by the Catholic Institute of Philosophy Ledalero, Maumere, Flores. This declaration has been adapted from the principles of the Publications Ethics Committee (COPE), and includes a code of ethics for the Editor-in-Charge, members of the Editorial Board, Reviewers, and Authors. 

See:  https://publicationethics.org/

Articles published in Jurnal Ledalero: Wacana Iman dan Kebudayaan (Discourse on Faith and Culture), reflect the quality of all persons involved in the publication.  To maintain the quality of the standard of articles published, we are presenting this declaration of publication ethics, so that it may be adhered to by the chief editor and the members of the editorial board, the authors, reviewers, review partners and the public. The editor of Jurnal Ledalero: Wacana Iman dan Kebudayaan (Discourse on Faith and Culutere)  is committed to guaranteeing and facilitating an objective culture of publishing, which has a high standard of intellectual honesty. The editor and the reviewers evaluate each article, without consideration for race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief, ethnicity, nationality or political affiliation..

Task of the Chief Editor 

  1. Evaluate each script justly, honestly and professionally.
  2. Ensure the confidentiality of the manuscript, not giving information about it to anyone other than those involved in its review.
  3. Take responsibility to decide which articles and when they are published.
  4. Actively seeks the views of members of the editorial board, reviewers and authors re ways of raising the image and profile of the journal.
  5. Gives clear instructions to the author, providing him/her with required information.
  6. Identifies and determines which review partners are appropriate to participate in the review process.

Task of Members of the Editorial Board  

  1. Actively contribute to the development and improvement of the journal.
  2. Act as an ambassador for the journal.
  3. Support and promote the journal.
  4. Edit each article well, with responsibility.

Task of Reviewer

  1. Must express an interest in the task of reviewing the article.
  2. May refuse to review an article should there be a conflict of interests, or if the reviewer is not competent in the field of the article.
  3. Reviews all scripts received objectively, justly and professionally.
  4. Takes note of any ethical mistakes which are found in the review process, and advises the chief editor of these only and objectively.
  5. Must determine the originality of each script, being aware of plagiarism and exaggerations.
  6. Does not talk about the content of articles without permission.
  7. Abides by the time-frame allocated for the review. This can be changed with approval of the chief editor.

Task of the Author 

The code of ethics demanded of contributors to Jurnal Ledalero, Wacana Iman dan Kebudayaan (Discourse on Faith and Culture) are:

  1. The author must have a high regard for scientific conduct, and he/she must understand the benefits and the risks in publishing their article.
  2. The author must guarantee that the published article is free from misconduct, meaning no fabrication, falsification of data or plagiarism.
  3. The author must give a citation for every statement, idea, or piece of data which is not the result of his/her research.
  4. The author is aware that his/her article is in accord with the purpose of Jurnal Ledalero, Wacana Iman dan Kebudayaan,  and is in the genre of philosophy, theology or the social sciences. .
  5. The author is aware that his/her article must not cause dissension in the community at large.
  6. The author is indeed the person with the competence to write the article concerned.
  7. The author must not submit this manuscript to another publication at the same time.
  8. The author must guarantee that no part of the article has previously been published elsewhere. 
  9. The author must guarantee that the article submitted is original, is the fruit of his/her research, and is his/her own idea. The author must sign a Freedom from Plagiarism Statement.
  10. Each contributor to Jurnal Ledalero, Wacana Iman dan Kebudayaan (Discourse on Faith and Culture) is obliged to complete a form stating that this article has never previously been published or used in a conference or seminar. An example of this form is printed separately.



Subscribe Policy

Jurnal Ledalero is an open access journal so that it is free charge for readers, writers, and anyone accessing full-text articles in this journal site [see Open Access Policy].


Copy Editing and Proofreading

Each manuscript accepted and published in the Jurnal Ledalero, its grammar and sentences are checked with Grammarly® application.


References Management

Each manuscript accepted and published in the JURNAL LEDALERO is recommended to use Mendeley application.


Plagiarism Checker

Each manuscript accepted and published in the JURNAL LEDALERO certainly does not contain elements of plagiarism. Plagiarism checking of each manuscript of journal uses plagiarisma.net.


Publication Charges

Each manuscript submitted by authors to JURNAL LEDALERO is free (no charge). This is applicable since the author to submit, pre-review, editing, publication, archiving,  until full-text article access on journal's site.

Creative Commons License
Copyright© 2015 JURNAL LEDALERO This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Archiving Policy

To ensure the preservation and security of all articles that are published in this journal, we archive it in LOCKSS.


Publishing Guidelines

As a guideline for managing journals, the editor set the Publishing Guide of the JURNAL LEDALERO. Other journals managers may refer these publishing guide draft 1 or draft 2 to the management of their issues on condition that they must be modified and adapted to their respective policies.


Indexing and Abstracting

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